After our presentation with Zowie Broach co creator of the fashion label Boudicca i immediately became inspired. I was not only inspired by their creativity and imagination but i was also inspired by their determination to get their brand out there and heard about. Their designs are inspired by things such as armor, the internal human body and the way a person moves. Zowie also told us that she was interested in using her creative skills to create art installations aswell as fashion and would like to exhibit her work in galleries. When Zowie was growing up she never thought about owning her own business or even being a fashion designer. She told us to take risks because error is not a bad thing, you can learn from it and become stronger. I believe this is why her fashion label has become so successful.

“A Boudicca piece – whether an asymmetric satin skirt, a kimono dress with a caped top or a dinner jacket with the lapels fused into the jacket and the tail lopped off square – is recognisable by its formality, dignity and presence.”

Sarah Mower – February 2002

Zowie Broach and Brian Kirkby the creators of Boudicca

Wode perfume


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