The West African black rhino is declared extinct

It was declared in 2011 that the west African black rhino had become extinct. The species of rhino was once wide spread in an area in Africa called Savanna but poaching became popular and the rhinoceros were dying out. The western black rhinoceros was heavily hunted in the beginning of the 20th century, but the population rose in the 1930s after preservation actions were taken. As protection efforts declined over the years so did the number of western black rhinos. By 1980 the population was in the hundreds. A huge search started in 2006 to find and count any wild black rhinoceros and they visited their main habitats to find none. By the end of the search they found 10 black rhinoceros which were known to be the last ones on the planet. It was too late to repopulate the species and it eventually died out.



– ( Black Rhinos Are Now Extinct in West Africa, The Atlantic Wire)

-( World environment by MSNBC)

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