Pokemon Subculture

The Pokemon subculture was a group of teens from Chile who adopted influences from other subcultures. They took the hairstlyes from the Emo subculture, fashion from the Hip Hop subculture and their attitude from the Punk subculture. They got their name Pokemones for having similar hair to the characters from the Japanese anime cartoon. They listened and danced to a type of music called reggaeton music which was a mix of modern latin and carribean music. Members of this movement were very open with each other and would grope, kiss and sleep with as many people as they could including men and women. A lot of them were bisexual and would be involved in orgies. They communicated via the internet on social networking sites. In 2008 there were a number of violent messages and broadcasts posted onto the internet threatening the Pokemon tribe. Members of other urban subcultures attacked Pokemones outside clubs and pubs. Later this resulted in the the tribe dying down in 2009.



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