Facebook was Launched

Facebook is an international social networking website that was launched in Febuary 2004 and now has around 845 million users. Mark Zuckerberg created the predecessor for Facebook which was called Facesmash. When he started to create Facemash he was a student at Harvard. He hacked into Harvard’s computer network and took pictures of all of the students at the college and put them onto his website. Students could then access the website and were able to write comments about the students under their photos. Three senior students accused Mark of stealing their idea for a social networking site for Harvard students. This was later settled in court. The entrepreneur Sean Parker who had been informally advising Mark Zuckerberg became the company’s president. Later on, companies such as PayPal, Apple Inc and Microsoft all had shares in Facebook and sponsered the company when it was first launched. Facebook became the third most popular website in America after Google and Amazon.



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