Ganguro Subculture

Ganguro means ‘black face’ in Japanese. It is a  very bizarre subculture that grew among Japanese girls. Ganguro is a  fashion look for females who usually have blonde hair and heavily fake tanned faces and wear bright, Barbie doll pink clothing. They wear pale concealer on their lips and pearl powder on their cheeks to get a shimmer effect. They also wear stickers and gems on their faces. The trend came about because Japenese teenage girls wanted to rebel against the Japenese stereotype of having pale faces, neutral make up and dark hair. The trend first made its appearance in the 1990s and peaked at the turn of the century. Although the look has died down a little these days it is still evident in certain areas of Japan. The Shibuya and Ikebukuro districts of Tokyo were the centres of Ganguro fashion.



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